Thursday, April 16, 2009

AA project-- Qi ao Island problem-Jorge Ayala

To become generic/ thematized

Qi Ao Island is threatened to become another generic or thematized Chinese urbanization that spread across farmlands.

A concrete example is Henqin Island, one of the 146 islands of Zhuhai, which will be promoted for investment from Hong Kong and Macau. Since late 2005, "Las Vegas Sands" has openly discussed its multi-billion plans to develop Henqin Island into a convention and resort destination.

Risk of flood
The main cause of a probable flooding in the island is the destruction of its mangroves reserve, due to increasing population pressure, increased coastal erosion, increased impact from storms, conversion to shrimp and fish farming, decreased agriculture, decreased aquaculture pond production, infrastructure and tourism, as well as pollution.
Coastal roads, subway tunnels, drainage pipes, housing, and just about everything else we will build along the coast is extremely vulnerable to higher high tides and storm surges.

1,153 square km of land surrounding the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, China may be engulfed by rising sea levels by 2050. The cities worst affected will be Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, alongside Foshan and Zhuhai Coastline. "Climate change will negatively affect the economic development of Guangdong, which is currently one of the biggest consumers of energy and producers of greenhouse gases", said Du Raodong, an expert at the Guangdong weather centre.

Source: Jorge Ayala

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