Thursday, April 16, 2009

AA Project Brief----Jorge Ayala

Contemporary social and environmental conditions pose significant challenges to normative design practices, stemming as they do from an increasing scarcity of resources and consequent shifts in economic, political and material processes. Landscape Urbanism sets out to develop new modes of practice that engage directly with these new conditions and the way in which they continuously reconfigure the city.

China’s economic boom, combined with migration from the rural areas, is fuelling a high-speed urbanism that is producing new cities in the shortest imaginable time and transforming the character of older towns.

This directional urbanisation, propelled from the coastal zones into the countryside has brought even the smallest villages, in some cases, face to face to with the phenomena of the globalisation, foreign capital and generic architecture.

In 2000, China formulated a plan to build 400 new cities by year 2020 to accommodate migration into urban conglomerations. AA Landscape Urbanism took this formulation as the framework for the year’s research, testing the applicability of our methodology to the limit. The test bed for the year’s project is the Pearl River Delta

Source: Jorge Ayala

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