Friday, March 20, 2009

'ecobay' masterplan by schmidt hammer lassen architects

in january, danish architecture firm schmidt hammer lassen won the design
competition for ‘ecobay’ a new town located near tallinn, the capital city of
estonia. located on a peninsula, the town looks out over the baltic sea.
SHL hope to turn the new town into a vibrant community complete with
housing, schools, local shops, businesses and daycare centres. as the
name suggests, ‘ecobay’ is being driven by a sustainable mandate. so far
this mandate has led to a number of design decisions. for instance,
by mixing facilities of different function within the community, the need for
transportation is reduced. wind farms, geo-thermal heating and
hydro electricity will also all be implemented on varying scales. the town’s
layout is also specifically designed to deal with harsh winds and maximize
solar gain. over the next 15-20 years, ‘ecobay’ will be home to 6,000 people
living and working citizens.


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